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June 25 - August 9


June 25
August 9


South Bay Film Society

LAST CHANCE!   Ticket sales end Monday August 9.

CLICK HERE for your 3 day ticket for SUN CHILDREN.

On the Oscar 2021 shortlist for Best International Feature

“The kids in Majidi’s films are straight out of Charles Dickens.   Forced by their lot in life to be resourceful at an early age, they can be crafty, devious, sneaky, brazen, misguided and sometimes ingenious — by turns obliged to live by their wits more than most children their age.   Majidi obviously cares about them as much as anything in the world — he dedicates the film to the 152 million kids who he states are forced to work as child laborers — but he doesn’t coddle or indulge them; they’re as imperfect as the often misguided adults around them, but far more flexible and spontaneous.” – Todd McCarthy, Deadline

“Majid Majidi has made some of the most visually stunning and emotionally stirring films in world cinema about the plight of under-privileged, exploited and abused young people, and SUN CHILDREN is one of his very best.” – Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

Language: Persian (English subtitles)

Length: 1 hr. 39 min.


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