Dear members of South Bay Film Society,

We hope all of you are staying well.  We miss seeing you at the theater.  Our reality has become a very difficult one.  Linda and I spend our days hunkered down in our house and only go outside to take some long walks.  We have found it more important than ever to be in contact with our friends, through video chats, phone calls, and emails.  We look for beauty in the world…have you noticed that the air quality in our area is the best ever…the views of the Malibu Mountains from Redondo Beach are amazing!

Many of you have been emailing me asking how to help South Bay Film Society stay alive.  We have been asking ourselves how can we help to keep enriching your lives.

We are very excited to announce that we are opening SOUTH BAY FILM SOCIETY VIRTUAL CINEMA!

We will begin to make recent film releases available to you weekly that you can watch at home.   When the link goes active for our first film in a few days, those of you signed up to our email list will receive an email announcement with the link to the ticket page. If you do not receive our email announcements, periodically check our website or facebook page for information.

You will be able to buy your household ticket with a 72 hour window to view the film.  Household tickets will cost $12 per film (with a very good percentage going to support South Bay Film Society).  Our upcoming schedule is:

CORPUS CHRISTI, March 24-31.

BALLOON, screening April 1-8.

THOSE WHO REMAINED , screening April 9-16.

THE SILENT REVOLUTION, screening April 17-24.

The above films are all fabulous and are films that either just recently started playing in art-house theaters or have not yet opened in art-house theaters.  South Bay Film Society screened these films previously, well before they were scheduled to open in L.A. and N.Y.   We hope many of you will support our new Virtual Theater and will share the information with friends and family throughout the country since we can now reach a national audience!


With the exception of Corpus Christi, the film links will work through VIMEO streaming.  They will work on your computer, but you may want to watch them on your large screen television. 

For those of you who would like to watch on your television, please make sure your smart television already has the Vimeo app or that you load the app to your television.  If you use a device such as Roku or Apple TV, it probably has the Vimeo app already installed or will be easy to get.  Otherwise it may be more complicated (a great job for any younger tech-savvy members in your household).  Alternatively, you can cast or mirror the film from your computer to your television.

Here is a Vimeo link to a heart-tugging animated short (about love and friendship), called LOST AND FOUND:

Please watch LOST AND FOUND both for your enjoyment, but also so you are able to test getting it to work on your television (for those of you hoping to watch the films on your television).

Your smart TV should have a way to get the app to run Vimeo.  A partial list of options include: