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March 5 - May 6


March 5
May 6


South Bay Film Society

Ticket sales ended.

CLICK HERE for your 3 day ticket for KEEP AN EYE OUT.
(You have 72 hours to finish watching from time of purchase).

Louis just found the corpse of a man in front of his apartment building.   Taken into custody by Captain Buron, he finds himself on the wrong end of a surreal interrogation.   But how can he prove he is innocent when the cops are crazy?

A French comedy/mystery/thriller for those of you who like theater of the absurd.

“KEEP AN EYE OUT is a hilarious interrogation of life, in all its mundanity, as a stage for the shlumpily surreal.” – Anton Bitel, Eye For Film

“KEEP AN EYE OUT is hilarious at times, really kicking into high gear after the opening 20 minutes, delivering the dry wit and screwball storytelling the [director, Quentin Dupieux] is extremely skilled at delivering.” – Brian Orndorf, Blu-ray.com

Language: French (English subtitles)

Length: 1 hr. 15 min.


Option 1: You will be able to watch the film on any computer, laptop, ipad, chromebook or other mobile devices. (It is recommended to close all other apps, email pages, and devices which utilize internet bandwidth, to ensure ample bandwidth for playing the film).

See options 2 and 3 to watch the film on your television:

Option 2: You can mirror or cast from one of the above devices to your television using AppleTV or Chromecast or a smart tv enabled with AirPlay or Chromecast, or directly connect the computer/mobile device to the TV using an HDMI cable.   You can find instructions on the Eventive help page (scroll down to the the heading “How do I play the movie on my TV?”

Option 3: You can watch on your TV by downloading the Eventive app with AppleTV or Roku.   You can find instructions on the Eventive help page (scroll down to the headings relating to AppleTV and Roku).