A Summer’s Tale – Buy tickets now! screening Wed. Aug. 20

Tickets for A SUMMER’S TALE are now on sale.  See the ticket page for details and the link to buy tickets!
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One thought on “A Summer’s Tale – Buy tickets now! screening Wed. Aug. 20

  1. Very impacted by the film SIDDHARTH which was seen last night. It was meant to leave the viewer with many considerations to ponder as no acceptable catharsis. That is my test of good film: Does it leave me with food for thought for days? Does it invite dialogue, especially internal dialogue? This one does! it also, as one participant commented, bring us up short with the pervasive REALITY of human traffic-ing, which looks us squarely in the face.It grinds at the interdependency of poverty, education and technology, and what can WE do during this time of our lives when we are meant to be generative? Each of us can so something….
    Many thanks for this film and the discussant you provided, the conversation that was stimulated.

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