2nd screen for The Imposter open for ticket sales! Also, we will hold an after-film discussion for those interested.

Tickets for a second screen for The Imposter are now on sale. See the event page for details and the link to buy tickets!
Update Aug. 28: We will be holding an after-film discussion for those who wish to stay. The discussion will be led by Joshua Peck, film critic and programmer for an historical art theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who currently runs a free film series at the Palos Verdes Library, showing foreign and independent films (on dvd) followed by a discussion.

Online tickets for Polisse sold-out. See below to buy tickets at the door.

The advance tickets for both screens are sold out. In order to minimize the number of less desirable seats towards the front, I have kept 50 seats out of the online sales. You can buy a ticket at the door but will be limited to the seats available after the people with advance tickets arrive. If you plan to buy tickets at the door, I would appreciate it if you send me a note so I can put you on a priority list for the remaining seats. Contact me at: randy@southbayfilmsociety.com